- Giving fire services a new and cost efficient tool in firefighting.

SINGI AB, in collaboration with KÄRCHER AB and HYDX AB, has developed a new piercing and smoke screening system. With a pressure of 350 bar it is a fast and efficient way to make its way through walls, doors and window frames in wood using only water. Once that is made the fog fills the space and cools down the fumes to avoid flashovers or fire explosions.


POWER PEAK is a new series of tools developed by SINGI AB.

By making a small piercing hole where the fog can enter the risk of flashovers are minimized. The fog that is sprayed through the hole expands up to 1 700 times once it is in an enclosed area. The fog takes the energy from the fumes and lowers the temperature to avoid flashovers. Once the area is cooled the room can be entered to safely attack the ignition source.

Anders Strömberg, at DALA MITT fire squad, is very happy with the purchase of the POWER PEAK system.


– The POWER PEAK gave us the opportunity to have the extinguishing system in two cars. This is a system which is of economical value for us. Ninety percent of all the fires in DALA MITTs area is apartment and house fires. We need a system that makes a huge amount of haze right after piercing through a door or a wall.


Singi AB  Accurate Firefighting Technology.